Sizing Guide

Ring Size Guide

Your ring should fit snuggly on your finger without risk of falling off. You do not want to be hurting yourself or putting too much pressure on the ring or your finger getting it on and off. It should just be able to fit over the largest part of your finger which is often the knuckle for most people.You want a ring to fit over your knuckle, but not be too loose or it will shift around.

The below will help you measure your ring size in two simple ways:

Method A: By measuring a ring that fits you (or your intended recipient)
Method B: By measuring your finger and comparing the size to the scale

  • Get a string or paper about 6" long and 1/4" wide.
  • Wrap around the base of your finger. It has to fit snug, but not too tight.
  • Mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps forming a circle.
  • Compare the length of the string/paper to the chart. That is your ring size.

Necklace Length Guide

Choosing the right necklace length is an easy and effective way to frame your face, showcase your gemstones, and augment any outfit. This guide will assist you with your next necklace purchase.

Bangle Size Guide

To find your perfect bangle size, please take note of the below diagram: