Free Jewellery Insurance

Tara Jewellers strives to offer customer centric experience committed to international retail expertise with an aptitude for design excellence and service. With this in mind, we offer free insurance on every purchase of jewellery.

Tara Jewellers has tied up with Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker (TTIBI) for an easy jewellery coverage policy for all customers.

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TTIBI is the only Indo-Japanese Insurance Broker Licensed by IRDA to facilitate Insurance program in both Life & Nonlife segment. It is promoted by Kirloskar – One of the oldest and reputed Indian business houses and Toyota Tsusho Corporation – a trading and services conglomerate head quartered in Japan. TTIBI commenced its operations in 2008 from Bangalore and expanded to Pune, Delhi, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad and Mumbai.

Basic Conditions & Eligibility:

Insurance coverage is for Gold/ Platinum/Diamond Jewellery and loose stone articles for value as per invoice only.

  • The cover does not include jewellery given for repair, diamonds, gemstones and samples originally given by the client.

  • The cover will not include jewellery returned (Sales returned)

  • Coverage will not include damage whilst in the custody of any person other than insured or his/her family member.

  • The policy is valid for brand new jewellery products only.

  • Articles of pair/set if any part of pair/set is lost/damaged, company shall pay only the value of such parts lost or damaged and not the full value of pair/set.

  • Period of insurance shall not commence before the date of the invoice.

  • Maximum period of insurance coverage will not exceed one year from the date of invoice.

  • Geographical scope: India.

  • Basis of Valuation: Invoice Value

Scope of Cover:

All risks of loss or damage to jewellery including but not limited to the following:-

  • Loss or damage arising out of burglary/robbery/dacoit.

  • Theft by accidental, external and visible means.

  • Fire and allied perils.

  • Act of God perils.

  • Chain Snatching

  • Damage or theft during riot, strike & malicious damage.


The Insurance policy does not cover:

  • Breakage, cracking, scratching of stonework.

  • Theft from unattended vehicle.

  • Loss by misfortune (fortuitous loss)/ unexplained losses.

  • Inherent defects, manufacturing defects of the jewellery.

  • War and nuclear perils, terrorism.

  • Confiscation by government authorities.

  • Consequential loss or legal liability of any kind.

  • Intentional damage/ loss by insured or by his/her relatives.

  • Larceny, mysterious disappearance.

Basis of Loss Settlement:

  • Where the loss or damage can reasonably be repaired or reinstated at a cost less than the replacement cost then, the company will indemnify the insured in respect of the expenses necessarily incurred to restore the jewellery and/or precious stones to its state immediately prior to the happening of the insured event.

  • In the case of a total loss, the company shall indemnify the insured in respect of the restoration or = replacement costs. The company shall be bound to reinstate or restore as per the invoice value of the item on purchase.

  • The company shall not be liable to make payment for more than the intrinsic cash value as per the invoice of any item in respect of which a claim is made and, where an item is part of a pair or set, the company’s payment shall be made without any reference to any particular value that such item may have had as a part or set.

  • If at the time of any loss or damage happening to any of the property insured by this policy insurance shall be subsisting with any other company covering such property whether such insurance was effected by the insured or by any other person or persons on his behalf then the company shall only be liable to pay or contribute its rateable proportion of any such loss or damage.

Claim Process:

  • Register claim to Toyota Tsusho Insurance Broker.

  • Contact us through telephone – 022-28379406, Fax – 022-28379407,
    Mobile - +91- 84339 87706 or by mail – and intimate the claim.

  • Lodge a complaint to Police and obtain FIR which is compulsory for all claim

  • Provide the original insurance certificate and the invoice.

  • Provide insurance claim form duly filled in & signed.

  • Self-Attested photo ID of the current user matching with the name of the insured.

  • In case of repair claim, provide the original final bill along with payment proof.

Deductible/Policy excess:

Amount of Claim/Policy is subject to an excess as mentioned in the below:


Amount Insured (in Rs.)

Excess Amount


Less than 5000

5% of the claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 500/-


5000 – 15000

5% of the claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 1000/-


15000 – 25000

5% of the claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 1500/-


25000 – 35000

5% of the claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 2000/-


35000 – 45000

5% of the claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 2500/-


45000 and above

5% of the claim amount subject to minimum of Rs 3000/-

*Delayed Intimation beyond 7 days and non-submission of required documents within 30 days will result in non-admissibility of claim.

*This is a third-party insurance. Tara Jewellers is not liable to the customers for insurance claims.